Children are born inherently musical and can learn to sing in tune and play with accurate rhythm.


Children's musical development occurs best in a playful, musically rich and developmentally appropriate setting. They also need the playful participation of their important grown-ups! 


Active music-making creates unique connections in the brain that support your child's language, social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

What is Music Together®?

Music Together® is an internationally recognized music program for children from birth through age 7 - and the grown-ups who love them. Parents, primary caregivers, early childhood professionals - everyone is involved in the educational process. First offered to the public in 1987, we've always been pioneers in the field of early childhood music with truly innovative, high-quality music education and outreach programs that redefine what musical means. We're research-based, so we know our stuff and we're good at what we do. But we're also down to earth, accessible and all about having a good time. It's a balance that makes us both serious and fun. What can we say? We are serious about having fun!


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