Summe 2019 Session Schedule

Summer Session is 5 weeks.

Fridays, June 28th - July 26th  9:15 am & 10:15am (The Dance Centre)

Saturdays, June 29th - July 27th  9:15am (El Camino Real Park Community Center)


Spring 2019 Session Schedule

Spring Session is 9 weeks.

No classes April 19th, 20th and 21st.

Fridays, March 29th - May 31st  9:15 am & 10:15am (The Dance Centre)

Saturdays, March 30th - June 1st  9:15am (El Camino Real Park Community Center)

Sundays, March 31st - June 2nd  6:15pm (The Dance Centre)


Mixed Age Family Classes

Bring the whole family to make music! In our Mixed-Age Family music class, you will sing, move, and play-along to songs and rhythmic rhymes - in a variety of meters and tonalities. Music-making experiences are informal and non-performance based. Each activity is designed to be developmentally appropriate for children and easy for parents and caregivers to participate in (regardless of their own perceived musical ability)! In addition, you receive a professionally recorded CD, newly illustrated songbook, and access to the Family Music Zone (FMZ). FMZ allows you to download digital copies of your CD to any device, so you can continue the music-making fun at home! Families new to Music Together® will also receive "Music and Your Child: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers" book.